begginingAround the midst of May I decided to work on something that would make me think of summer. Something warm, cozy, nostalgic even, and this came to mind.

However, after a while I began to feel like the mountains afar were simply making the piece seem flat and boring. I didn’t even know where the main focus was. I got a bit bored of it and since I wasn’t sure what I could do to improve it, I left it on the dust for about a month.

Then I decided to clear what was taking away a feel of distance.
Notice that I changed Soul’s position to better direct a person’s view. The pic before was making your eyes look right, away from the characters.

beggining2The idea was there, but I wasn’t so sure color-wise. The clouds were still very sketchy at this point and its full outline and shape were still contributing for it to feel a bit flat…


begginingsfgd begginingsfgfgdVaried a bit on the color, seeing how light came from the horizon I began to darken it subtly form there.

Proceeded to add farther away clouds (bright orange to contrast with the main, darker cloud to better give an idea of distance)

begginingsfgfgydSome more details were then added (red-ish brown layer on overlay over characters and closest end of the cloud and then a brighter red for horizon light)

beggining3And it’s done.


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