So a couple of days ago I tried to paint something using Oil Pastels for the second time ( first try was years ago and I probably ended traumatized, which probably explains why I never picked them up again to this day and do not seem to remember some sort of trauma. Repressed memories, am I right?)

On a side note, I’m pretty sure that ‘oil pastels’ is just a fancy name for ‘wax pencils’. They don’t look exactly the same, but while painting with them I felt kind of nostalgic. They feel the same.

That’s right, wax pencils. The ones you used back in grade school that you tried to eat because they looked so tasty even though the teachers said it’s dangerous and that you shouldn’t, remember?

Back to the main topic, oil pastels are pretty cool to paint with. And if it interests you the least, I had tried to paint with them a long time ago. But at that time the pastels where hard ( literally ) probably because it was cold, so it was really hard to manage them. Plus I had no idea what I was doing, and I sucked, so cut me some slack.

I decided to record what I did. Be warned, the quality sucks, and for that I am sorry. (will upload video later)

Here’s the finished work.


And here’s the old work.



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