Monthly Archives: April 2012

As you might or might not have read, the post below says that I’ll be working on a watercolor work of Kittan from TTGL.

Truth is, I’m near finishing it ( not really ) but I don’t feel like working on it at the moment. Not that you were looking forward to it anyway; as I’m writing this, I realize that quite possibly no one ever got to see this Blog before, so it’s understandable.

And now, for what really matters:

  1. I’m new in this Blog businessesses.
    My objective is to turn this piece of internetz space into something simple; a place where I post my work, give and receive advice and tips; With this I not only wish to improve my skills and gain perspective on stuff, but help others as well.
  2. Expect mostly, but not exclusively digital art.
    I focus mostly on digital art, this does not mean however that I will not try out new things occasionally ( this applies for the things outside the art box). For instance, I can explain how to change your cat’s litter sand using only your hands!
  3. I will not explain how to change your cat’s litter sand using only your hands.
  4. Have ideas? Share them!
    Be them drawing ideas, sculpting, tips, exercises, whatever, just trow ’em all out! I’ll do the same!

  5. I want YOU to enjoy this place as much as I’ll enjoy sharing my stuff with you.
    Feel free to complain if there’s something bothering you that you would like me to change.
    Also, if a certain someone here is being a meanie you can just tell me and I’ll draw some stuff disrespecting said meanie in every way possible. That’ll set ’em straight!